About Us

To Be A World Class New Material Supplier

Miracll Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, GEM (Growth Enterprise Market ) listed company, stock code 300848, world's leading TPU manufacturer. Miracll dedicates to the Research, production, sales and technical support of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Our products are widely used in 3C electronic, sports & leisure, medical care, transportation, industry manufacturing, energy building, home life etc.

Miracll has independent IP for key technology, material and application. Miracll is a national high-tech enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a quasi-unicorn enterprise in Shandong Province, and a gazelle demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province. Mr. Wang Renhong, chairman of the company, has been awarded the national "Ten Thousand People Plan" outstanding talent, science and Technology innovation and entrepreneurship talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong Taishan Industry leading talent, Shandong Excellent entrepreneur, Shandong Gazelle Enterprise "Ten Leading Figures" and other honorary titles.


Miracll always adhere to customer satisfaction and create value for customers as the guidance, the practice of professional, reliable, environmental protection, innovation, cooperation business philosophy, to provide customers with high efficiency and low cost of differentiated product solutions, to provide customers high performance of TPU products at the same time, also provide personalized, professional technical service, to meet their customization needs. With the dream of creating miracles and technology leading the future, Miracll has always been committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of new materials, and constantly writing new chapters in the field of new materials with tireless ingenuity and sustainable innovation of products.

R&D Center

Sustained Investment and technoloty research are imoprtment driver of Miracll long-term development.
Innovation and productivity help to consolidate our global position in the field of new materials.

Leading Digital Factory

We focus on innovating up stream and downstream technologies, using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence,
internet and cloud computing, we will create intuitive digital factory, realize complete visualization of manufacturing.

The Flower Of Miracle

Each petal is transformed by the MIRACLE of "M", conveying the cultural belief of "dream creates MIRACLE". The petals condense in the center and stretch upward.
The interpretation of the team members with one heart, hard work, common growth of the corporate philosophy.



Core Value

Innovation, Efficiency,
Implementation, Integrity

Brand Image

Professional, Reliable, Cooporative,
Innovative, Environmental

Miracll Mission

Create Vlue, Customer satisfaction,



Miracll attaches great importance to R&D and innovation. We give priority support in capital, talent, resources and other aspects.
Increasing the investment in R&D and innovation continuously. Miracll products enjoy high visibility in TPU market.

Intelligent Manufacturing
From raw materials to products, from equipment to production line, from automatic packaging to intelligent logistics, Mirall will build digital future factory.

Brand Cooperation
Join hands with brands to lay out the future product line, reserve new materials and lead the development of the industry.

Research And Development
National intellectual property advantage enterprise, and obtained 14 domestic and foreign authorized invention patents.

Innovation Platform
Shandong Province new material engineering laboratory of Polymer elastomer, Shandong Province enterprise technology center, etc.


To Be A World Class New Material Supplier

Every day, we shoulder the mission
Focus on TPU development and production. Dedicate to be a World-class new material supplier
Every day, we shape one dream
Let products get more application in our real life. Create a happy and healthy life for people